Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who's at your dinner Table?

Yesterday I saw this at

Who’s at your dinner table?

Okay, you’ve got 7 spots at your dinner table. You can’t invite family. Invitees have to be alive. And has to be people you’ve never met. Who’s getting the invites?

So here are my Seven:

1. Doug Fields
2. Tim Tebow
3. Kid Rock
4. Kenny Chesney
5. Mike Huckabee
6. Jon Foreman
7. Francis Chan

Who are yours?


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  2. 1. John Piper
    2. R.C. Sproul
    3. Ravi Zacharias
    4. Wayne Grudem
    5. Steve Jobs
    6. Dan Hesterline (Jars of Clay)
    7. Stan Lee

  3. OK, I'm going to try again. My poorly thought on top 7:
    1. Philip Yancey
    2. Tim Tebow
    3. Bethany Hamilton
    4. Jimmy Buffett
    5. Len Sweet
    6. Kendall Payne
    7. Jon Stewart