Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pictures in Ministry part I

I really love the age of digital pictures in youth ministry.  You can take hundreds of pictures on retreats and then post them on facebook, make digital albums, make a cool website, import them into iMovie and make a cool slide show with the latest cool Christian Music.  But oh not so long ago, we only took a couple disposable kodak cameras with us.  And then we would bring them back and pay the cost equivalent today to a digital camera in hopes that we might have half of them turn out good enough for us to make a scrapbook or collage to hang in the youth room.  I have a digital picture frame on my desk in  my office and have pictures of my family but also from every church I've ever served at.  And btw I am looking for old pictures from Asbury UMC and Tucker UMC to complete if you have some from that time, please let me know!

I'm going to do a part II to this post later today...but need your help.

How do you use pictures in your youth ministry?

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