Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last week I had my first experience at Mt. Hebron UMC Rock Solid Student Ministries Bovotions...  Bovotions is where the students meet at our local Bojangles restaurant on "Late Arrival" Wednesdays for breakfast, prayer, and a devo to get the day started right! I have always been a big fan of Bojangles food and sweet tea.  As I walked over to get my sweet tea last week I noticed that not only the sweet tea said "legendary" but also the unsweet tea said it was legendary...which made me think....
Sweet tea takes some work and perfection to make.  You have to add the right amount of sugar to give it that perfect Southern Flavor.  But then on the other hand, how can unsweet tea be as "legendary".  It really takes no effort to make it.  You just put tea bags in hot water and take it out at the right time.
So here is my analogy and deep post of the day...and also the Bovotion that I gave this morning.   For us to be "legendary" in our lives, we must be the sweet tea as Christians.  We must take the extra time and effort to be Christians.  Too often we are just the unsweet "legendary" Tea.  We just show up, give little effort, but label ourselves as "legendary".
My Challenge for all of us is to be "Legendary"  Sweet Tea Christians!  Take the time to listen to God for His right recipe for you life, add his sweetness daily, and don't settle for unsweet tea!