Friday, April 1, 2011

Mega Bible Commentaries App

This is one of my favorite ministry Apps.  I first bought it last year while finishing my Masters of Christian Education for my iPod Touch.   It is a great resource to have.  I used so many times in class, but now I daily use it to look up things when preparing for a small group, Sunday school lesson, youth group lesson, and personal study.  You can't beat the price of $1.99.   They now have several Apps like this for the iPad which I plan on downloading in a few minutes.  I just found out about them when I went to their homepage to get the pictures for this blog.
Here are a couple screen shots...

Mega Bible Commentaries features 23 commentaries on the Bible, along with 24 English Bible translations. The commentaries include John Wesley's Commentary, the Geneva Study Bible, Coffman NT, Matthew Henry Concise, John Lightfoot's Commentary on the Gospels, and many more. 

Great Buy for only $1.99

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