Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Penn Gillette gets a gift of a Bible

Someone sent me this video of Penn of Penn & Teller.  I found this video to very interesting.  I used to watch them all the time growing up on Comedy Central.  This past week I taught Confirmation Class at our church and we talked about the importance of scripture and our Bibles.  The students shared their thoughts on their Bibles.  Only 3 out of 10 had their Bibles with them and one had it on his iPhone.   We talked about how we should read it daily and share it.  The students talked about how they had received  several Bibles over their lifetime and that most of them sat and collected dust.  I then went over to my bookshelf (we had the class in my office) and looked at the 12 different Bibles that I have there.  I use almost all of them weekly (different translations and different highlights and notes from over the years).
One of my students then said that we should share more often.
I look at Penn here, a known atheist, was given the gift of a Bible.  He could have easily accepted the gift and never shared that he got this.  But what strikes me is that he posted in his video blog.  I find it amazing how much respect that he gave this man who gave him the gift of God's word to share it with all of his fans.  I find that really amazing after seeing many of his shows and interviews with him over the years.  He might not have changed his view at this point, but I really feel that God used this man and is working in him.  I pray for Penn.  I also pray for all his followers and fans that see this.

When is the last time you shared a Bible with someone?
How can we be more like the man who gave the Bible and show God's love to others?

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