Tuesday, November 9, 2010


As you know from my previous two blogs, I have accepted a new job in student ministry and stepped down from my current position.  Right now is a tough transition in ministry.  I am currently backing up files, reorganizing, typing passwords and accounts, laying out upcoming lessons for my adults, turning in receipts, finalizing the winter retreat for my current church.   As I do this I am talking with my new church, getting files, setting up email, and starting to plan December. 

Transition is tough.   There is a lot of emotions going on as I pack and prepare to leave.  I look back at all the great things that God did here.  I look at how the students have grown in their faith.  I look at the 20+ retreats I have taken this group on during the past four years.  I look at how many lives have been committed to Christ.  I look at the number of files of talks, small groups, and Sunday School lessons that have taken place.   It is so awesome to see how BIG our God is!

It is hard to see my current students hurt as my family is preparing to leave.  I know for them it seems like the end.  But as I look forward I see a group of students who felt the same way a couple months ago and I see the excitement in their messages on Facebook and their numerous friend requests.  I am reminded that my current students will feel the same way in a couple months when God sends who He is calling to take this group to the next level.

I am beyond excited about the new possibilities, the new friendships, the new ministries, and the new memories that will start at the end of the month. We are so excited about our new church family and are ready for a great transition into the lives of our new church!

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  1. Love your honesty. I am excited for the new opportunities you and your family will have. Can you share a little about how you made this transition as smooth as possible with both churches?