Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Boxes are everywhere!  They are packed and stacked in my office!  They are in our garage...they are all over our house!  We are moving in a week! And there are more empty boxes than packed boxes in our house.
Packing and moving days are on the top of my list of what I do not like to do.  Even though we are very much looking forward to our move to our new church and new city...I have always hated the process of going through things, finding things, throwing away things while preparing to move.

Moving in ministry is emotional.   While packing my office I have found pictures, retreat flyers, books, skit supplies, and more.   Each have brought a memory of that event.  I think of the lives that were changed.  I think of the smiles and the tears at each event.   

Too often, we box these memories up never to be seen again in our spiritual lives.  We go on a retreat, go to a concert, have an amazing night at youth, and box up the awesome gift that God gave us.  We never reveal it to anyone else.  We do not share the Good news.   We sometimes never speak of it again.

I challenge you to unpack your spiritual hiding boxes.   Share what God has done for you in your life with someone else today.   The gifts that God gives us should be shared and not boxed up as just another memory!

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