Monday, May 19, 2008

Another week

Every since we got back from has just flew by.
Last week was filled with returning 86 emails after being gone for two weeks out of the office.
The BRUMC Children's Spring Concert
more office work
A short visit from Chip
The annual Church Golf Tournament where Steve, Larry, Chip, and I placed 7th with a 68.  If only the wind would have been calmer!  But I did continue my Golf Tournament door prize streak by winning a Golf Bag (that I gave to my wife) since I won one 2 years ago and a Nike Golf hat
The weekend was full of ASP meetings and relaxing.
Today was a packed day of office work...emails, practice for the talent show skit with the staff, and finishing the Preschool's graduation video...
And now time to go home...
and prepare for my first weekend of summer class!

Here is a video of Michael Murphy.  A 6th grader who is our drummer for our youth praise team rockin out to a little Rush!

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