Friday, May 13, 2011

Are you blind?

Many times in ministry we walk through things blindly.  When we get to new churches, we have no clue what tradition, retreats, annual events, translation of the Bible is acceptable, which rooms the youth are not allowed in, and so forth.  Many times we just go with the flow.  But just like in life, we cannot survive long if we do that.  

“…the Lord Jesus…has sent me that you may receive your sight…” Acts 9:17   

Paul received his sight, he also received the Holy spirit and insight of God and Christ.  From this point on in his life he was filled with the Living God.  Paul never again allowed anything to hold him down and take his focus off of telling others about Christ.  We must learn to maintain a strong will and determination so that we have a new focus and that our vision stays strong on Christ.

We must take the time to discern and see what God is calling us to do in our ministry and in our life.  We must take off our seminary, workshop, daily blog, mega church, YS, Group, or Simply shaded glasses and allow God to give us His sight to see and discern where He is calling us.

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