Friday, November 5, 2010

My Roots in youth ministry: Part I

In December of 1997, I started in first paid youth ministry position at Faith United Methodist Church in Lexington, SC.   Recently I have looked back at my time there.  I have looked at my notes and my talk outlines, and I have really learned a lot.   I was getting paid $5,000 a year and had a $500 yearly budget.  I had a youth room that doubled as the church preschool during the week.  I was a freshman in college and only 18 years old when I started.   I had one youth that was 19.   But none of that was a discouragement.   I was so excited to be in ministry.   I was excited to be where God was calling me.  I had no clue that I was under paid and that my budget was so small.  All I saw was a couple of teenagers that were excited to have me there and ready to learn about God.   

I have recently became friends with several of my first group of youth on Facebook and after going through my records I have found my roster of students.  I really want to reconnect with as many as possible to hear what they are doing today and see how they are.

To be continued.... 

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