Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trunk or Treat rocked!

Tonight we had our 4th annual Trunk or Treat sponsored by our Student Ministry.   Four years ago when I arrived here at Blair Road UMC, my friend Scot Herring suggested that I start one up here, as he did at his church.   At first I told him that it was a Children's ministry event...why should I start one here...why don't I just tell our Children's Director the idea and that be that!   He told me that it was a great opportunity to have the student ministry take the lead.

The first year we had 8 cars and maybe 40 kids show was really sad.  But the next year, we worked hard to get the word out and the excitement.  It grew more the next two times.   Tonight we had close somewhere between 600-800 people.  We moved it inside due to the weather being a threat of thunderstorms.   At one point you could not move in our gym with people and kids waiting in line for free food, kids playing games, two lines of 30+ (in each line) waiting for the moon bounce.   I went over the other building where we had everyone with candy in the halls and class rooms and it was packed.  It was such a great sight to see!  

I worried all day about not having it in the parking lot with the large chance of rain.   I worried that no one showed up.  But as I talked to a few of my adults....GOD showed up and so did the people.  The great thing about having it indoors, was that people came into our church.  They saw our ministries in action.  They saw the hands and feet in action.  They saw what we are really all about.  They saw more than the parking lot many of them pass every day.  

What an amazing night....

What an amazing God!

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