Thursday, October 28, 2010

Staying away from Silo Ministry

Last night I blogged about our great night with Trunk or Treat.   As I reread it this morning I realized that I need to talk more about the importance of the student ministry sponsoring the event.

In my mind I feel that too many times in ministry we have our ministry silos.   If we aren't careful in the church world, we isolate ourselves to just our ministries and our ministry silos.   That is why I feel that it is very important that in student ministry we connect to other ministries and the rest of congregation.   Too many times in the church, different ministries, departments, Sunday Schools, Scouts, and leadership get stuck in their own silos.  They only support, attend, and cultivate their own area which at times can really hurt the church and potential ministry.

This year, I have been working more and more to prevent this from happening in our student ministry.  We have intentionally reached out to our older adult Sunday School classes.  Some our older guys have offered to do yard work and small projects without pay.   Last week I went and led music for one of their Sunday School Class outings.  I have asked them to be a part of our Snack Supper.  We extended an invitation to them to be a big part of the Trunk or Treat by having games last night.   I have also made sure that our student ministry is very active in helping with our Children's ministry through helping with Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and many other things.

Last night at Trunk or Treat, several of our youth for the 4th straight year had their own trunks and gave out candy.   Other youth helped supervise the moon walk/bounce houses that the student ministry donated out of our budget.   Our student leadership was the judges for the trunk contest and the costume contest.  I feel that it is very important to show the students how important they are in the church.  It is very important that they see that they are the church of today.  It is very important that we are a part of other parts of the church.

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