Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MTV music awards...how did we end up here?

The other night I turned on the MTV music awards like I do every year...
But this year was a wake up call to what is going on in society...We just don't care anymore...ANYTHING GOES!!!!!  Walt and I have had the conversation several times, that ever since Michael passed away, we have become more aware of the stupid things people and society do.  Life is short, yet so many people are making stupid mistakes.  MTV has gone from Music Television to a 24 ad for bi-sexuals, sleeping around, getting drunk, getting laid, getting high...and the list goes on.....
When will we get it?  Everyone wonders why crimes are so high, kids don't respect their parents, why the United States is in the state it is...Its all because we have taken God out of everything.  Hundreds of thousands of people went to Church Sunday Morning and then came home and enjoyed the MTV Movie Awards and accepted everything that was shown.  Many Laughed, many thought it was a great show, but I'm guessing few actually changed the channel or called or emailed to complain.
It's time that we start to take a stand for God.

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