Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting Ready for River of Life

Another year...another great week of River of Life...June 25-29
Since 1995 I've been helping out with a great mission trip called River of Life.
I started out as a student in 1995 River of Life Lincolton...roofed my first house...
1997 I got the chance to be a team leader after they sent home our adult team leader for misconduct
1998 I helped lead worship...which was actually the first time I led worship for any event.
1999-2002 I helped do video and roof more houses
2003-2006 I was in charge of River of Life: Lithia Springs...worship, video, team selection, finding houses, organizing job sites....
2007 Took Blair Road UMC to River of Life Augusta
2008...back to Lincolnton to lead another roofing team and lead worship

I have attended, served, worked, videoed, led worship, gave talks at 20 River of Lifes in Lincolnton, GA, Lithia Springs, GA, Milledgeville, GA, and Augusta, GA.
There has been a Hendrickson sibling on a Roof in Lincolnton, GA every year since 1995.  We have helped put 29 roofs on in that community over the years.

Talking to Chuck Beggs today, I thought about all this as we were talking about this year's River of Life and it just amazes me the number of youth and adults that have been part of this ministry over the years.  It is so amazing to think about the number of Lives that have been saved and how many things the body of Christ has done.
God is Good.
Be in prayer for all the River of Lifes this year.
Be in prayer for me and my family as this is the first year since 1997 that my brother will not be on a roof in Lincolton.   It will be tough at times, but I know that God will work BIG!


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  1. I have to say that River of Life may be the near perfect youth mission event. I think the one I am doing this summer marks number 50 for me, starting with Lincolnton, year two in 1992(?) and many summers of multiples. Here are some reasons it is so great:
    1. It is locally owned. By that I mean the church who hosts is making an impact in the community they live and we just get to help.
    2. It is connectional. I still keep up with some people that I was on work teams with. In fact, one of the summer interns at my church got hired largely from being on my team a few years ago.
    3. It is cheap. It is a reasonable trip where I can take junior and senior highers and not have to do 9 months of fundraising to pull off.