Monday, May 12, 2008

Back from Orlando

Well after a week in ATL for Saddleback's Small Group Conference, Jessica and I went on our One year Anniversary Trip to Florida.
We first stopped and stayed with my grandparents in Ocala, FL and had a great time visiting them.
We then went to Orlando from Saturday to Saturday.
We hit all the Disney Stuff and the Universal parks.
It was great to go during a downtime of the year for Orlando.  Lines were short which was great.  We got to hit all the rides at all the parks except for Soarin' at Epcot which ran out of Fast Passes and the line was 120 minutes long...But everything else was great. 

I have know learned to expect when you go to Orlando, plan on finding thousands of Clark W. Griswalds.  Everyone is there trying to make the BEST vacation ever and they don't care about messing yours up.   It was a real joke to me and Jessica on how how people behaved.  It was amazing to see how rude people were.  How many people that just ran into you with their strollers and powered scooters.  It was crazy how many older children rode in strollers and the amount of over weight people that rode in scooters.  It was sad to see parents force their kids to ride rides when they didn't want to.  And the one that topped it all was a mother that brought a 8 month into the Terminator 2 show and made a big deal about the child being afraid and scared...I MEAN COME ON! 
Orlando is no longer the home to where dreams come to true...but the home to the lazy, selfish, and rude.

But for my wife and I, we had a great time, we got a kick out of all these people.  We learned how to be better people and how not to act when we go on vacation when we have children.

Yeah Come On!

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