Thursday, May 15, 2008

Alive and Transported

When I first started listening to Christian Music in the Early 90's...DC Talk was my band.  And through the years they have always been a great lift to my spiritual life.  I have followed them through the years, own all the albums, been to several concerts, and now follow mostly just Tobymac in their Solo career. 
I have met Toby several times and he is a great man of God. 
I just got his new CD/DVD today in the mail through the youth pastor package of Interlinc (great resource!).  It is a live CD and Dvd which is pretty cool.  Listening to the music and taking a look at my personal life as a Christian.  I want to be more ALIVE and TRANSPORTED everyday in Christ.
These past months have been so tough after losing my brother.  There are many days that I feel dead and feel its hard to move.
During the past couple of weeks, I've started to deal with the passing of Michael more and more.  And feel more and more ALIVE and TRANSPORTED in Christ.
I just had to turn around and let God meet me where I am.
So great to be in His AMAZING LOVE!


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