Sunday, April 10, 2011

Masters Sunday

I know I've already posted one blog this week on the Masters...but what can I say I have Masters Fever. I was talking to a good friend in ministry from Augusta this week Jason. Both of us no longer live in Augusta, but agreed that this week we have Masters Fever. To us it should be Spring Break and we should be headed to the Augusta National to watch the Masters. Like I said in my earlier post there is nothing like it.

One of my best friends Bryan Hawkins this week had the chance to take his wife and posted on Facebook "just left the Masters. Wow. The fairways were beautiful. We sat in Amen Corner and I wondered how people don't believe in God."

Which brings us to Master's Sunday. It is the final day of the best golf tournament, the toughest course, and the most beautiful course. So many times growing up Master's Sunday either started or ended Holy Week. I always thought that was kind of cool. I wish that we would be excited every Sunday for our Master's Sunday.   

We have so many things that lead us up to Sunday worship.  We have work, school...and just LIFE in general.  Just like in golf we have a practice round.  Every day we need to practice what we preach.  We need to live a life of worship and just not one time a week or for some of us once or twice a year.   We overlook everyday God's beautiful creation of life and the planet we live on.  We forget to celebrate and thank him for the many blessings He gives us.  

The Sunday roars at Augusta brings chills to many, but as David Crowder's song God's not Dead...He's surely ALIVE and He's living on the inside ROARING like a lion!  Let God roar inside of you like the roars of a birdie or eagle at Augusta on Master's Sunday...EVERYDAY!

So as someone prepares to put on the Green Jacket for another time or maybe the first time, think about the last time you were excited for Sunday to be here and the chance to go to church and worship our creator, our God, our Master? Do you have the same excitement as those who watch, play, or win the Masters? When is the last time you saw the beauty of God in nature or on a golf course and just thanked God? 


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