Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well I've finally had a "normal" week!  First real normal week since I've been here in Columbia...but technically its not a "normal" week since we are leaving tomorrow for our Ski Retreat.   But it looks like I'm finally catching up on things and getting a routine down here.  One big help is that I have a computer that works works in real time now.  Last week we upgraded my office computer to a MacBook Pro.  You ask why?  Well after my years of iPods, iTouch, iShuffle, & iPhone...I had to finally convert over to the dark side and go MAC.   For the past couple of years I've debated about going Mac for ministry purposes.  I like to incorporate video and graphics in ministry and really Mac hands down is more productive when it comes to those two.

So I'm now into my second week of being a Mac owner and really the learning curve was not as bad as some have told me.   I do admit it is weird not having the right click on the touch pad, but when I hook up a wireless mouse i have it.  But really no big deal!  I really like everything else.  Still learning iWeb, Final Cut, and iWorks...but I'll be a pro in no time.

In the upcoming weeks I plan on doing a weekly video blog for the parents and students of my youth group to give a recap of Sunday night.  It was a really neat idea that one of my volunteers/parents had.   We are also working towards having my weekly messages from youth being podcasted.  I will keep all updated on it.

Looking forward to an AMAZEEEE----ING Ski Retreat this weekend!

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