Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taking back your Sabbath

A friend sent me this in an email...made me think...

The taking back the Sabbath list is pretty close to what I taught to some youth workers last week at Tsunami's PR1ME training event and the article I wrote for Youth Specialties for April.

1. Avoid Technology.

For me, anytime me and my family take a date night, take the day off, or go out of town, we try to put our phones down.

2.  Connect with Loved Ones

On my days off,  I take the time to call my grandmother, hang out with my wife and daughter, or hang out with close friends

3.  Nurture Your Health

....Need to work on this one!

4.  Get Outside

A lot of times on our days off, we will work on the yard, and now having our daughter, we try to get outside more with her.

5. Avoid Commerce

Thats not a hard thing for me...unless i visit!

6.  Light Candles...

Something we might try soon...

7.  Drink Wine

Never been a wine fan...

8.  Eat Bread

I knew we should have registered for a bread maker....

9.  Find Silence

Sometimes this is hard with a 5 month old daughter...but when it's Golden!

10.  Give Back

There are so many ways to give back.   I do that it in so many ways.  I try to do it outside the ministry and church I work at.

Would love to hear your thoughts...

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