Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Jam 2009

Yesterday, we took our students to Winter Jam 2009 at Time Warner Arena in downtown Charlotte.  It was a great concert with Tobymac, Hawk Nelson, Brandon Heath, Newsong, Francesca Battistelli, Tony Nolan, Stephanie Smith, and PureNRG.   We took the Charlotte Transit Train downtown after a good lunch at Steak and Shake....and then the fun began.

For the past two years we had several of us get in line early and save seats.   We had six of us get in early and save seats for 38....well that didnt turn out too well...we ended up being short on seats due to the ushers not allowing us to save seats.  But for some reason, they allowed other groups to do so.  I'm all about being fair...but I don't understand why the ushers made our folks give up 10+ seats and let other groups reserve.  It was almost a disaster having part of our group split up.  But in the end the students all had a great time.   Next year, we will just all eat downtown and get in line early and not worry about it...

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