Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A year in review...2008

Another year has gone by....

In 2008...


  • I started working on my Masters of Christian Education at Pfieffer University/Wesley Seminary

  • I traded in my 99 Jeep Cherokee for a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

  • We found out that Jessica was pregnant


  • Our Retreat Ministry: Ignition Ministry had its first Ski Retreat in Asheville, NC

  • Ignition Retreats first Middle School retreat was held at Longridge Camp


  • Jessica had a miscarriage

  • I celebrated my 29th birthday at a Third Day Concert in Augusta, with Jessica, Josh, and Amy

  • We had a successful Chocolate-Peanut butter egg fund raiser


  • Went and saw Kenny Chesney at Williams Brice Stadium

  • Went to Atlanta for Saddleback's Church Small Group Conference


  • Went to Orlando with Jessica for our One year Anniversary...went to all the Disney Parks and Univeral

  • My parents accepted Michael's Diploma from the University of Georgia

  • Steve, Larry, Chip, and I finished 6th in the BRUMC Golf Tourney...and I won another great doorprize!

  • Finished my first semester of Grad School with a 3.8


  • Jessica's Dad and Step Mom visited for Father's Day

  • I preached all 3 services here at BRUMC for Father's Day

  • Went to Delware for my Cousin Ashley's wedding...also went to Philly for the day

  • Led worship at River of Life Lincolnton

  • Led a roofing team at River of Life


  • Missed out on ASP mission trip, due to a stomach virus that put me in the ER

  • Celebrated Jessica's Birthday


  • Ignition Summer Camp

  • Was a groomsman in Matthew Long's Wedding

  • USC beat NCst in a Thursday night Opener


  • Great opening day of Dove Hunting

  • Class started Back

  • USC loss to Vandy

  • USC loss to UGA

  • Jessica and I went to Myrtle Beach for mini vacation


  • Pumpkin Patch year 2 was successful

  • Great Fall Retreat at Snowbird

  • Went to Catalyst in Atlanta

  • Started Drinking Coffee

  • Great 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat


  • Went to my grandparent in FL with my dad and watched UF destroy USC

  • Went to Nashville for Youth Specialties

  • Went to Augusta for Thanksgiving


  • The one year anniversary of my brother passing away

  • Finished the fall Semester with all A's and an overall Grad School GPA of 3.8

  • Met with the Charlotte UMC district board and became an offical canidtate in the United Methodist Church

  • Spent 6 days in Alabama and had an early Christmas with Jessica's family

  • Jessica worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Night

  • I spent 25-27 in Augusta with Mom and Dad and Amy getting ready for Amy's wedding

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