Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008...hello 2009

More from 2008....

I am truly blessed to have such a great family.   I have a great wife, who we have been through a bunch this year with dealing overcoming my brothers death and helping the family heal. We also had two months of joy when she was pregnant and having to grieve after the miscarriage.  We have had many adventures and driving all over the country this year.  I have a great set of parents.  It has been really hard to see them hurt this past year, but it has been awesome to see how they have reached to God and each other to help them get through the pain of losing their youngest son.  I am also lucky to have a great sister, who we have gotten close again during this past year.  It is hard to believe that my little sister is getting married this weekend!!!! I feel so old!

I have also been blessed this year by my close friends.  I could go on for days and days for how great they have been.   Hawkins, Frost, Andrew, Matthew, Chip, Scot, Christine, Storm, Chandler, Nate, Will, Grove, Ashby, Adam, Sansbury, and so many more....
I have also made two great friends that I would have never expected.  My brother's old room mate Walt.   I never thought that such a great friendship could happen out of such a tragedy.  I know that he has needed me as much as I have needed him as we have grown to be great friends being there for each other this year.  And Adam Maultsby and I have become great friends and workout partners.  Its great to finally have someone here in Charlotte my age with the same interests.

Now onto 2009....the Resolutions

  1. Read more.  During 2008, due to school, but also I used it to help me get through things.  I have about 10 books that I bought this year at Catalyst and Youth Specialties that I want to read.

  2. Take more time for me...I am always busy with school and Church work...I need to take more days to play golf, relax.....

  3. Continue to work on our 2008, Jessica and I paid off several credit cards...we still have a couple more to go, but life is easier!

  4. Travel More with my wife...we now own timeshare...and we need to use it!

  5. Go to a Braves game!  Since moving to NC I have not attended one Braves game!!!!  Before I moved from Atlanta in 2006 I attended 22 home games that year!

  6. Call friends that I have not talked to in a while.  I have avoided several friends during the past year due to the memories we shared with my brother...I just had trouble calling was tough...but its time to

  7. Finish the tasks around the house...Finish the closet downstairs, shelve the storage room, organize the garage, have a yard sale, fix up the flower beds, hang the tv in the bedroom, wire outside lighting

  8. Lose more weight!  I gained a bunch of weight this year, and lost some, but I would like to lose about 30 lbs. in 2009

  9. Change my ministry.  Its time for some changes...some things that I have done since 1997 need to go, while other things need to come back.

  10. Actually do all the above this year!

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