Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Third Day new CD and on Leno

Today Third Day's new CD Revelation came out and tonight they were on Late Night With Jay Leno.

First the CD is amazing....my new favorite CD!  So many songs that just really get you...but at the same time ROCK out and worship.  I will have a more in depth blog about it sometime in the next week.

But just wanted to point out their apperance on Leno.   They had  a real act to follow.  Seth Rogan was the main guest and was just trash...and then the Joan Allen came on and the conversation was just out there to say the least...And then Third Day came out and ROCKED "Call my Name". 
Mark Lee(Lead guitarist for Third Day)  put up on his facebook and twitter "the other guests on the show tonight really drive home the idea of us being salt and light, don't they :)"
It was an amazing witness to everyone who tuned in Leno tonight....you had two guest talk about pot, making fun of a DUI crash, masterbation, and much more....and then Third Day comes out and sings about about Calling out for God's Name in times of trouble.  HOW AMAZING!  Just another time I'm reminded how we need to witness to the sick and sinners.   There will be many critics, i've already seen some Third Day fans second guess them being on Leno...But that is exactly what God wants us to do.  He wants us to be the Salt and Light to this Sin-filled world.   I pray that those who do not know God...saw Third Day tonight and saw a new face of Christ or maybe even Christ for the first time.  I pray that tonight's performance will reach the lost.

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