Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Day of Beach Retreat

Its 12:45AM and I'm typing this in the rental van...
You ask why?
Well....we are short on beds.  We arrive here at 5 to find out that we have 40something beds for 57 youth and adults and a band....
They are way overbooked...we are sharing worship times with another large group.  Some people from another church are staying on the floor of the worship center. And there are three youth pastors sleeping in a van!  There are also youth sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor.  I'm so thankful that some of them brought sleeping bags.   And the coolest part about it is that none of the youth are complaining!
But worship was great tonight, even though we didn't have a sound check.  I spoke tonight and things went well.
We then had dinner at 9PM at McDonald's and then just hung out. 
Satan is trying really hard to stop this weekend, but there are many lives to be changed. 
We just ask that you pray for our groups and for this weekend.


  1. Hey, we'll be praying for you guys! It's going to be AWESOME to hear about the lives changed this weekend!!!!! Miss you guys. Oh, and Sunni misses Maggie too :)

  2. Hang in there man. I got you all in my prayers and God will work in spite of the stuff you are facing.
    But, you should get some kind of refund as well. Just saying...