Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reading the Bible in one year

Two weeks ago, a friend challenged me to read the Bible in a year...
I've tried several times before, but vacations and other things have distracted me.
I searched on Google to find several online read the bible in a year programs.
And then I found on Facebook, an application to help keep me on tract.  So since I'm so addicted to Facebook like most people between the ages of 14-30, I added it to my page.

During the past week I've spent my daily quiet time reading the Bible.  It consist of 2 Old Testament and 1-2 New Testament Chapters a night.   And if you are really lazy, you can even click on your daily assigned reading and it will pull up your scriptures in a new window. 

Reading the Bible reading from both the OT and NT in one sitting, has been an awesome new experience.  I want to challenge you as well to Read the Bible in One Year.  Come and See New things that God has waiting for you!

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