Friday, April 25, 2008

My final Paper in New Testament

Its hard to believe that I am one 8 page paper and one final exam for completing my first semester in graduate school.  I wanted to start the process for years to get my master's degree in Christian Education or Masters of divinity, but for the past couple years there were so many road blocks.  First there was a problem with USC and my final class that I had to take.  Then I could never get my candidacy process in the Methodist Church to get over several roadblocks and dead ends. And after all that Pfeiffer University was the place God wanted me at.  And it was all because I said "yes" to God.  I was very happy in Lithia Springs two year ago, but God had other plans.   God wanted me to come to Charlotte, NC.  And because of that I have been blessed so many times over.

  • A great church family at Blair Road that has helped me and Jessica get through my brother's passing and Jessica having a miscairage.

  • A great group of youth that really wanted to see a new way of seeing God

  • A New house that took prayer and faith

  • A great mentor in the Canidacy process

  • A start on my Master's Degree

"And whatever things you ask in prayer,
really believing, you will receive." (Matthew 21:22)

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