Monday, April 28, 2008

Finished with 1st semester..and now onward!

I have just finished my final in New Testament.  That was a final I wish not to repeat.  It was one of those exams that was just jammed up with tons of information...had some map questions, some scripture IDs, multiple choice and True false...and then two essays.  I felt i did decent....but as you all never know really how the professor grades until you get it back.  Oh well...Its behind me and now onward to Athens, Atlanta, and Orlando....

Just a moment ago I received an email from Hogan from the David Crowder Band thanking me for an email I sent to them a while ago about my brother.  Tomorrow, I am meeting my parents in Athens for a memorial service at UGA and dinner with Michael's professors.   It will be another tough time....I haven't been back to Athens since we packed Michael's belongings up.  I am looking forward to seeing my parents as well as Michael's professors and close friends.  It will be another time to reflect on the impact my brother made during his time here on earth.

Then onto Atlanta for the Sadleback Church Conference "Wired" for small group ministry....
then onto Orlando for VACATION and the celebration of one year with Jessica!!!!

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