Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tweets can be useful now and later

"To find meaning and purpose in your life you must see it in the context of Gods plan."  - @andystanley

A couple weeks ago Andy Stanley tweeted the above statement.   I've been on Twitter since May 2008 when Simply Youth Ministry put a challenge out to try twitter.  At first I rarely used it.  Then as the fall approached in 2008, I started to use it more, at first I used it as another facebook status update then I started seeing after going to Catalyst 2008 that many people use it to share blog, news, ideas, and interesting links.   So many times I would RT or just click the link and not share.  Over the past year I have started Tweet boxes in my email.  Anytime I see a cool Tweet with a link or quote, I email it to myself and use it or save it for later.   

The above tweet from Stanley was put in the to save for later box.  At the time I saw it I really liked it, but something told me to save it.   Just now I was looking for another link in the save it for later Tweet box and found it.  It really made me think and pray.

Where I'm at right now....it really hit home.  Too often over the past couple years I've been in a daze and no clue why I started on my Masters and working towards ordination.   But every day know God is showing me new things and why I went through my Masters program and seeing the context of God's plan for everything.  Its really cool to see God moving!

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