Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beyond our yearbooks

For the third time in my youth ministry career, I'm starting the Doug Field's Series "Beyond the Yearbook" tonight.  It is probably my favorite series for youth ministry that I've ever done.  In this series for the next three weeks we’re going to talk about God wants you to be a part of His family.  And not only that but God wants you to be a friend of His and to view Him as a friend.  And God wants to be a part of that whole change process where He changes you to be more like Him.  That’s what we’re going to talk about.
Its been thirteen years since I got my last yearbook.  From time to time I go back and look at the silly comments like, "See you next Fall", "Hope you have a great summer", "It was fun having class with you"....and those people who wrote them are generally the friends I have on facebook that I only hear from when it's my birthday...But then there are the yearbook notes that were a paragraph or a whole page long.  And those are the friends I still keep in touch with today.  Some ever day....Others every couple months we'll chat, text, email, or talk on the phone.  

But that's just how a lot of us treat God when we were in High School.  Either we have a face value friendship that we say, "See you next Sunday", "Enjoyed having worship today with you", "See you when I have a family".   Or we talk to him everyday through prayer, worship, fellowship.

So looking back at your yearbooks....who do you still keep in contact with?   Looking back at God's yearbook....What is your relationship with Him today? Just a facebook friend....or a true meaningful relationship?

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