Monday, April 12, 2010

When in Doubt...

Yesterday our pastor, Dr. Nancy Rankin, spoke about doubt.   It really made me think....

Many times I doubt...I doubt that God is there for me at times, but more times I Doubt if I'm making the right decision and following what God wants.

Here are my notes from yesterday:

When in doubt

Imagine the doubt of the disciples:  that had to be tough....

They Scattered and locked doors:  do we not do the same, when we are scared or Doubt what God is doing...we run from God and we seclude ourselves from being involved in God's Kingdom

Jesus came to them
He gave them peace
Gave them power if holy spirit
Entrusted them

Thomas was not there and doubted and wanted proof:  How many times are we like Thomas and we miss out on things...because we are too scared and too selfish and get uninvolved with Church
He was a pessimist
John 11 Thomas was not a coward or unloyal
When we withdraw we miss things

We want and need to see Christ

We need a turn around in faith

Do we allow ourselves to make the turn to Christ

He calls us.  But will we receive it?

Blessed are those who have not seen yet believe

Seeing is insight

We are often just out of touch.  So we miss fellowship and miss out on
what God has for us

We are saved not by our understanding but by our FAITH.

When in doubt get in touch with God!

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