Monday, April 19, 2010


Last night for our Student Ministry we talked about being thirsty...

To set up the talk, we did several upfront games to get the students in the mindset of being thirsty.

Here are the games:

1.  First to finish 2 small sports drinks

2.  First to finish 20 pixi sticks

3.  First to finish a cup of Vinegar

4.  First team to finish a bag of Red Hots

5.  First to finish eating Red Peppers

6.  First to finish a bottle of Root Beer

Passage: John 4 – The woman at the well

We then discussed how we daily try to fill ourselves up with different things...and in the end we are always thirsty for more.

Jesus was saying to her, “Look, you can keep going back to the well or the refill line and filling your life with these meaningless relationships with guys, but you will always still be thirsty.  I offer you living water that will never leave you thirsty.

So what are you quenching your thirst with?

When will you change your drinking habit and receive God's water?

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