Monday, February 8, 2010

WHO DAT? Sunday Saint....Monday Ain't...

Well the Super Bowl is now over, the city of New Orleans has a championship football team...and your facebook and twitter status for the first time in your life says WHO DAT or Go Saints!

So many people have jumped on the Saints bandwagon...At least thats what I have been reading for the past day...  People complain when they see friends put up a status for the Saints....but does it really matter??????

Every year, the Super Bowl is a great day for friends and family to get together and join in and root for either the NFC champs or the AFC champs.  I think its alright for you to pull for one of the teams and get excited for the next couple days...even if they arent the NFL team you pull for.

But isn't this how we treat God sometimes too????

Sunday Saint...Monday-Saturday Ain't

We get all excite for worship on Sunday.  We sing the songs, give our tithe, fellowship, go to youth group.  We put the Bible verse as our status.  We tell everyone how we had a great time at church on our status.    But then a couple days later, our status update is far from being Godly.    It cuts people down.  It shows that we aren't really dedicated to God's team.  We through words around that shouldn't be in our status update.  But then when Sunday or Wednesday or something good happens...we jump back on the God bandwagon.

So take a look at your status....WHO DAT???????

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