Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I'm giving up for Lent...

Last week I read Perry Noble's blog  Three Questions For Pastors/Church Leaders – Part Two February 10, 2010 #2 – How’s Your Physical Health—REALLY?

It really challenged me and made me think.

During the past couple years I have put on more pounds that I can count and have not taken care of myself.  I started this trend when I first moved to Lithia Springs.  I stopped cooking, ate fast food, stopped running and being active.  When I moved up here to Charlotte, I only made my habits worse.  When Jessica started working nights, we would often eat out or get fast food to give us more time together.   After my brother passed away, I also gained weight.

Last year I got a personal trainer and lost weight, but soon enough I got back on the fast food and bad eating routine due to being busy with work and school and Jessica working nights.

After reading Perry's article, it just made me look at my habits and how I needed a cleansing and work on getting back to a more healthy lifestyle.  So with Lent beginning I thought it was a great time to get some things out of my life that are keeping me from being healthy.

The line that really got me in Perry's blog was ,"I took responsibility for the way I looked…I didn’t blame it on being busy or any other external circumstance." And that is what I'm doing...I'm taking the responsibility back.

So for Lent I am fasting from Cokes, Sweet Tea, and Fast Foods.  I am also starting to run every day, like I used to for years and years....And when Easter comes and I can go back to these things...Well I'm going to limit them and not get back into an unhealthy lifestyle.

So what do you need to give up to live better for God?

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  1. Interesting! You know is sad how expensive health insurance is in the SBC and one of the main reasons is that a majority of pastors are overweight. I have been convicted about my own health lately. I will be praying for you and ask you do the same for me. Good luck let me know how things go!