Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Year in Review

This year I really wanted to blog more...and for a while I was really good and updated regularly...

So first goal of 2010 is to blog more and also stockpile extra ideas and blogs for days when I don't have the ideas or the time!

But lets get back to 2009

It was a good but crazy year.

I finished another year working on my Masters of Christian Education.  I will graduate in May2010.  I have really three classes left in 2010 (1 Jan-term, 1 semester course, and 1 Maymester)!

In February 0f 2009, we found out that Jessica was Pregnant

In March of 2009, I turned 30 and went to Disney with Jessica and my parents and also to the Atlanta Braves Spring Training!

In March, we also unveiled our new Revolution Student Ministries Logo and shirts!  We also went on our Spring Retreat to Awanita where a college friend of mine Josh Ridings and his band the Josh Ridings Band led worship for us.  (Go buy their CD...THEY ROCK MY FACE OFF!)

Over the Summer, we took our youth to River of Life again and God worked through our students in so many ways.  We also took a group to New Orleans and it was amazing....You can see our blogs here from New Orleans

In July I also started wearing a CPAP to help me sleep and not snore at night!  It has given me so much more energy and has also allowed my wife to sleep again through the night!  In August I also had surgery for a deviated septum.  That also has helped me breathe.

The fall was another year of Gamecock Football.  We had our seats moved due to the YES campaign by USC.  And for us, we moved from the upper deck to the South Endzone.  It was a really good upgrade for us.  I went to all the games until October and went to the last 2 games.

October 7th/8th were days I will never forget.  On October 8th, Mallory Reagan was born.  She has been such a gift from God.  I cannot put into words what it is to be a father and to see her grow up daily.  God truly blessed us with our daughter.

In November I went to the National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta for the second straight year.  It was more than I needed!  It really rocked my world.

On November 29th, I had to preach for part of ordination process of becoming a Deacon.  And more importantly I assisted in the baptism of Mallory!

And in December I finished up my last real full semester of my Master's now I am working hard to finish my writing for my papers for becoming an ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church...have to finish all of it by January 25th!

So with the challenge of a good friend, I hope to blog almost everyday in 2010!

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