Monday, September 7, 2009

An interesting weekend

Last Thursday, Jessica and I went to the USC/NC state game in Raleigh.     It was a good time with our church friends the Meyer family.  We followed them up there and went to their daughter Caroline's new apartment.  After that we departed for the stadium.  Wells and Zach rode with me so we could find a parking spot and Jess rode with the Meyer clan so they could use Caroline's parking pass and park close.  Well after 2 hours of driving around we finally found a parking spot.  I have been to over 12 college campuses over the years for football games and this is the first one that did not have good parking, public parking, a pay lot....It was very disorganized.  So we all went to the game...Saw a sloppy first game...but we got the 1-0!

After the game we stayed with my college friends the Chandlers.  Jeff was one of my groomsman in my wedding.  One of my best friends, who has kept me in check spiritually for the past 9 years.  It was a great visit.  We finally got to see their little girl Vera and their little boy Tuck.  They are the cutest kids!  We are very thankful to have the Jeff and Lynn in our lives.  They are great people.

So Friday we came home, I went to work and then we got a movie, cooked out and relaxed.....

Saturday morning, Jessica woke me up at 4:30ish and said she was calling in and not going to work.   At 5:30AM we headed to the hospital...she was having contractions.  They checked her out and she was okay, but had to get a shot and some medicines to stop the contractions.

So Saturday, we just slept on and off all day and watched football.

Sunday....she came home early from work, still having contractions....

So right now we are just praying and waiting to go to the doctor Tuesday morning to see what the status is.

Looks like Mallory Reagan Hendrickson might be coming before October 17th!

We'll keep you posted!

And GO GAMECOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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