Sunday, July 5, 2009

Getting organized again in the office

A couple a weeks ago I started making a "To Do" list for the week to help get me on track, because I had several things I needed to do and wanted to make sure I didn't forget any of them. So at about 1am on a Saturday night, I emailed myself a list of ten things I needed to do that next week. By the time I got to the office to retrieve the list off my email I added about 5 more items. So the next two weeks I repeated and added the things I didnt complete from the week before. I thought that this was an amazing concept. So I told my good friend Mark about it....and he was like I thought you had made a sheet to do that and you used to use it at Tucker and Lithia....and I was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.... So after several minutes of searching I found my old sheet that I had created back in 2001 to keep me organized. So its back in place. I still have no clue why I stopped using it when I moved here in 2007, but its back and I love it! And if you need a copy, let me know and i'll send you it. It breaks down main events for the week, who to email, who to call, things to plan, and a place for brainstorming (which i love to use). Who says youth workers can't be organized!

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