Thursday, May 7, 2009

My vent

Lately I've had a couple of issues come about and its frustrating when people don't come to let you know when they have an issue.
Being in the church, this has been a pet peeve of mine for all 12 years of being in ministry.
I just don't understand why if someone has an issue, even if it is something small it takes the phone tree and 4 people to relay me the message.

And at times, this takes weeks or even months to reach me. And at that point it is hard for me to deal with it or let alone know who it is from.

I'm a pretty open person and can work on things, I would love to hear if there is an issue, so we can either resolve it or I can explain to you my actions or why we do things a certain way.

So if you have an issue with anyone....go to them...not other people!

Its just funny the things that happen in church life!

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