Monday, December 1, 2008

A year ago changed

Its still so hard to believe that a year ago today at 4:30 in the morning, my dad called to tell me that my brother had died.  It is a memory that I know that I will never forget.  The night before we called Michael and left him a message about what he wanted for Christmas...little did we know that he only had a few hours left and that his last call was checking our message.   We got home late from Christmas shopping and put on the second Pirates movie and watched in on our brand new HDTV.  Jessica and I decided that we wanted to just turn our cell phones volumes off and leave the house phone in the other room so we could sleep in.  Little did we know 2 hours after we went to bed my dad tried to call us.   After several attempts, I woke up and saw my phone glowing...then I heard my dad crying and screaming...while Jessica ran to the den to pick up my sisters phone call...It felt like a dream...just as it does today a year later.
I would like to say that this year has been easy...but it hasn't.  I miss my brother every day.  I miss having one of my closest friends to call and talk about football, hunting, or whatever.   I miss having someone to help me pick on our sister. 
I know that I have had trouble in the past year connecting with friends and family.  It has just been really hard....really really hard.
I know that things will get easier in time.  They say the first year is the toughest...and it sure has been.  If it weren't for me having such a great and wonderful wife and family and great friends and the hope, trust, and faith in my GOD...this year would have been much worse.  I know that my brother is in heaven and one day we will meet again.

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