Tuesday, November 25, 2008

#NYWC: National Youth Workers Convention (cliff notes ed.)

Let me just say that was a great convention!

It was my first time attending NYWC and I've wanted go for years but always made excuses (either time or Church budget).  As with Catalyst, I attended NYWC for class credit for my MCE degree and got a student rate.   I also crashed at my good buddy Jason's place for the weekend.  It really helped that he had been a couple times before.  It was great to hang out with him and hear his side, while also learning the ropes. 

I decided not to go to any of the seminars and take the time to reflect on the general sessions, relax, and get 4 bags full of goodies in the exhibit hall!!!

Let me just say that it was all worth it!  Worship, the talks, the skits, the concerts, free time, the exhibits....I really do not know how I have not been before.  And from now one no matter what I plan on putting at least one conference into my budget every year.  It is a not a question.  It is a MUST!

So...here is my cliff notes version of the weekend...

I'm now an official member of the slow club...even though they ran out of the tshirts in 5 minutes...and we are still trying to track down where to get one at!!!


I need to take more time like this to refuel.

Its time to let tears of the soul happen....because their is joy after the tears

Its time to regroup, give care and to teach adults volunteer and parents in new ways.

Its time to have FUN again...and not worry so much about the busyness of the church.


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