Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sorry for the scare

I know some people freaked out yesterday when they saw my dad's facebook message that I was in the ER.  Believe me it scared me too.   

I didn't feel 100% when I woke up yesterday, my stomach felt a little bad, but I continued the day.  I went to the gym and started my workout.  It was a light workout since it was my typical Wednesday easy cardio day.  Then about 20 minutes into the workout i felt sick and by the time i got home i had a 101 fever and was very sick to my stomach.  Jess then took me to the ER and we were there all afternoon and all evening.
They got me re-hydrated with some IV fluid and did several tests.   All they can figure out is that I had some type of stomach virus.

Sorry for all that called and that were worried.   Jessica did the best she could with so many calls coming in and only having my cell phone.  She was as worried as the rest of you, but had the priority of talking to our family first and one contact at the church.  Thanks for all the prayers.
As of right now I will not be attending our High School mission trip on ASP due to doctor's orders.  I will try to be there Sunday morning to see everyone off and will try to come if the doctor clears me half way through the week.

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